Deconstruction has evolved into a multimedia project with four distinct phases, or in keeping with our topic of cancer, the “Stages of Deconstruction”
Deconstruction is a four-part collaborative multimedia art project chronicling Joyce Mallonee’s 25-year journey with breast cancer. Conceived by Joyce two years prior to her passing in 2020 - and brought to life by her son, filmmaker Alex Mallonee, along with seven contributing artists - Deconstruction uses creativity and humor to engage and inspire cancer survivors and their loved ones about living with and honestly talking about the disease.

Stage I - the Physical Art Show

Held January 20-24th, 2021 in Lafayette, CA. Joyce and Alex collaborated with seven artists across various mediums to create eight pieces of work for the exhibition

Stage II - the Virtual Art Show

Currently in production. Primarily filmed during the physical art show, Alex and team are working on completing the virtual show by building an interactive exhibit and finishing the video sections with animations, color, and original score. Check out our fundraising campaign on Seed & Spark!!!

Stage III - the Documentary

A feature length documentary about Joyce’s life and the process of creating Deconstruction.

Stage IV - Community Screenings

The film and artwork will be toured around the country in a series of community screenings focused on cancer survivors and their loved ones.