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Breaking down one woman’s body into a body of art.

The team behind the Deconstruction Art

For over twenty-five years, Joyce Mallonee lived with breast cancer. At first, her goal was just survival. But after years of living with disease, she decided to channel her experience and unique perspective into an art project - a deconstruction of her body.

Joyce Mallonee

Joyce Mallonee was born and raised in the Bayview/Hunters Point area of San Francisco, the eldest of three children in a very Italian family. She attended Lone Mountain college in the early 1970’s where she studied art and art history. Following college, Joyce held a series of odd jobs before settling into a career in the gourmet food industry. After years of working for companies such as Viking Foods and Andronico’s Markets, Joyce decided to start her own business, Mallonee and Associates, where she would serve as creative director and owner advising specialty food companies on branding and marketing. This was just a few years after her first breast cancer diagnosis in 1995. Her cancer would recur in the early 2000’s and she received a Stage IV diagnosis in 2006. Due to the slow growing nature of her particular cancer, Joyce and her medical team were able to effectively contain the disease for years and allow her to live a long and productive life, where cancer came up, but wasn’t the dominant force in her life. That dominant force was in fact her family. Joyce always maintained a close relationship with her sister Janet and brother David. She married Donal Mallonee in 1983 and the pair have two children, Alexander Mallonee and Carson Kljavin, both of whom she doted on. In her final years, the idea for an art project based on her cancer experiences came to her, and she began developing the concept further with the help of her son. Although Joyce didn’t live to see the completed Deconstruction show, her presence (and sense of humor) are bursting forth from each piece.

Alex Mallonee

Alex Mallonee, was born (at the insistence of his mother) in San Francisco, technically making him a third generation San Franciscian. Despite this factoid, Alex grew up in the suburban East Bay town of Lafayette, where he developed an interest in filmmaking from an early age. This creative side was encouraged by his mother throughout his formative years and set Alex on path through film school at the University of Santa Cruz to a career as a freelance director and producer. He’s produced two feature films, the music documentary Do U Want It? and the narrative drama Bring me an Avocado. With Deconstruction, Alex saw an opportunity to creatively support his mother the way she had always done for him as well as addressing his own anxieties around healthcare. With her passing, the project has taken on a new dimension, effectively becoming her legacy, a responsibility Alex takes on gladly to keep his mother’s story alive.

Bianca Beyrouti

Producer Bianca joined the team as a producer in June 2019. Bianca is a seasoned Bay Area-based filmmaker whose skills in producing both documentary and narrative film will inform Deconstruction’s production, funding, and impact goals. Prior to her current tenure as Associate Producer at Actual Films, she was the Associate Producer of the award-winning anthology series Independent Lens and the acclaimed docuseries Philly D.A. She has produced a host of narrative projects including the award-winning indie feature Bring Me an Avocado (now streaming on Amazon Prime). She serves on the Arab Film and Media Institute (AFMI) Board of Directors and on the organizing committee for the Bay Area Media Makers Summit (BAMMS).

Gavin V Murray

Director of Photography Gavin was born in San Francisco, CA to artist parents. He didn't have a chance. Falling in love with film and lighting in high school, Gavin went on to work on commercials, features, shorts and music videos, learning from his mentors and contemporaries, adding to his ever growing toolbox of solutions and style that he implements on each set. So far his work has taken him across the world, shooting in Tokyo, London, Shanghai, and Idaho. He loves horror and comedy, probably stemming from an early sleepover choice of Evil Dead II. His favorite food is the Super Burrito, the real San Francisco treat.

Joe Garrity

Editor Joe Garrity is a director and editor originally from the Bay Area. His work has screened at festivals including Taos Shortz, Telluride, and Berlinale. He holds an MFA in creative writing from UC Riverside and has trained as an improviser at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre NY and The Groundlings. Website: www.jogfilms.com Social: @joeogarrity

Anton Patzner

Composer Anton Patzner is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Oakland CA. He's scored several documentaries and countless advertisements, produced albums for a number of Bay Area artists and contributed string arrangements to international pop artists from Demi Lovato and Slash to Bright Eyes and Taking Back Sunday. When he's not composing for films you'll often find him making old-fashioned jazz records and performing with his wife in their duo Laura & Anton.

Lizzy Hogenson

Stop Motion Animator Lizzy Hogenson escaped the mean streets of Wall Street to make puppets. Satisfying a long standing itch to learn stop motion animation, Lizzy took a class while pursuing a master's degree in Cinema and Media Studies at USC. She was hooked. Her works often explore women's issues, health, and family relations using touches of whimsy and humor. Embracing the chaotic nature of her art, she prioritizes emotion over precision. She grew up overlooking the lapis Mediterranean Sea, and now lives in Los Angeles.

Art(ist) Credits

Deconstruction by Joyce Mallonee, Alex Mallonee, Carson Klavinj | @schmallonee Off With Her Tits! by Annie Dennison | @barbieslosingit Oncologist: The Trading Cards by Cody Blocker | @codyblockerstudio The Pill Dress by Genevieve Constance Jones | @genevieveconstance Indolent Cancer by Kevin Figueroa | @nowandformerly Through the Mouth by Melanie Leandro | @melanieleandro.co Main Box Office by Melissa Holowitz

Virtual Artist Credits

Erik C. Parker - Virtual Producer Joe Garrity - Additional Editor | @joeogarrity Anton Patzner - Composer Garrett Peters - Sound Design & Mix Lizzy Hogenson - Stop Motion Animator | @lizzy_hog Ashley Ortega - Animator | @amotion.me Noure Zein - Animator Yasmin Minstry - Motion Graphics | @fostercarefilm Brittany L Barrera - Animator Rosalía Jiménez - Animator | @salianez

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